Best of CineKink 2016


O Cinema Wynwood Wed, Sep 21, 2016 7:30 PM


A collection of sexy shorts deemed the best during CineKink’s most recent festival run. This year's assortment, with works ranging from documentary to drama, comedy to experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit!

Program Includes:

Best Dramatic Short:
(Directed by Patrick Aubert, 2015, Canada, 7 minutes. Stars Chantal Bellavance, Frédérique Proulx and Eloïse Tanguay Simard.)
It's a painful awakening after an evening of fantasies explored.

Best Comedy Short:
"Dad in Mum"
(Directed by Fabrice Bracq, 2015, France, 6 minutes.)
The middle of the night. Moans are heard behind the parents' door. Two young sisters are asking questions...

Honorable Best Mention:
"Everybody Does It"
(Directed by Megan Brotherton, 2015, USA, 11 minutes.)
A young woman takes her sexuality into her own hands--literally.

Best Documentary Short:
"Feminist Porn Filmmakers"
(Directed by Lora Hristova, 2015, United Kingdom, 28 minutes. Shot on location at the Berlin Pornfilm Festival, interviews include CineKink alumni filmmakers Jiz Lee, Shine Louise Houston, Petra Joy, Ms Naughty, Pandora Blake, Maria Bala, Lucie Blush and Alyx Fox, along with Audrey Fox and Yvette Luhrs.)
Explores the definitions of feminist porn, issues around genderqueer visibility, sex education, internet piracy and censorship.

Honorable Best Mention:
"Wild Lovers"
(Directed by Isabel Dresler, 2015, USA, 5 minutes. Stars Jiz Lee and Valentine.)
A beautiful day in the country with some sunshine and some rope.

Honorable Best Mention:
"I am a Tourist I Would Like to See Him Naked"
(Directed by Margie Schnibbe (AKA Vena Virago), 2015, USA, 4 minutes. Stars Luc Notsnad.)
A first German lesson to learn your way around Berlin.

Best Experimental Short:
(Directed by René de Sans and Mamana, 2015, Germany, 4 minutes.)
One man spends his days in a chastity cage, locked away yet teased, loved and tormented, waiting for his release. Will it ever come?

Best Musical Short: 
(Directed by Bunnyz, 2015, USA, 11 minutes. Miles G Jackson, Hans Berlin, Walter Dundervill, Paul Martin, Maddelyn Hadde, Baroness, Darrel Thorne, Desert Sin, Defacto, Lady Circus, Company XIV, Glenar McQueen and a cast of thousands.)
A young man is lured to NYC's Black Party, where he lusts after the object of his obsession and experiments with the rituals of an underground society.

Best Narrative Short:
"An Appointment With My Master"
(Directed by Erika Lust, 2015, Spain, 15 minutes. Stars Amarna Millar and Mickey Mod.)
The fantasy: "I would love to find the Master of my dreams. I would set an appointment with him, I don't know, once a month. Just like you do with a psychologist or a dentist or a hairdresser."

SENSORY OVERLOAD: Demonstration presented by LADY P and pink-baby
Live and in-person, Lady P, a Miami-based Professional Dominatrix, will demo some of the BDSM play represented in the Cinekink film series AND MORE. Lady P will show the audience how to create sensations that range from soft and sensual to tickly as well as hot and cold and sharp and shocking. Elements of sadism, cross-dressing and power exchange will also be represented. A Q&A will follow where we discuss Lady P’s demonstration, the Cinekink movies or anything else related to BDSM and power exchange. 

Lady P aka E. Parker Phillips is a teacher, writer and performer who works across the genres of writing, kink and performance. Parker received their BA in Chinese from Yale and an MFA in Creative Writing from FIU, teaching at FIU and Broward College between 2009 and 2014. From 2014-2016, Parker ran a BDSM and fetish studio in Miami as the Head Mistress Lady P where they produced over 100 events ranging from fetish theater to educational classes on the technical and mental aspects of BDSM. Currently, Lady P conducts private BDSM sessions as a Dominatrix out of their own boutique dungeon, hosts the Miami Munch and co-hosts the Club Kaos fetish parties. Parker teaches for Reading Queer and Parker’s poems have appeared in Hinchas de Poesia and Tigertail’s Miami Poetry Collective. Parker has also performed at the Miami Book Fair and BFI’s Weird Miami Bus Tour.