Cine Latino: Deconstructing Dani García


The Main 5 Fri, Nov 11, 2016 7:15 PM
The Main 5 Mon, Nov 14, 2016 9:40 PM
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General Public:$10.00
Film Info
Original Title:Deconstruyendo a Dani García
Premiere Status:Regional Premiere
Program:Cine Latino
The Art of Living
Release Year:2015
Runtime:72 min
Website:Official Website
Director:Iñigo Ruiz
Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas
Producer:Juan Jóse López
Dani García
Jesús Javier Ruiz
Cinematographer:Adolpho Canhadas
José Luis Pimoulier
Screenwriter:Iñigo Ruiz
Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas
Editor:Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas
Juancho Bañuelos
Composer:Carlos Martín (Mad4strings)
Filmography:Los días no vividos ('12)


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Screening with short film Dear America.

From humble middle class origins growing up in the Andalusia region of southern Spain to the pinnacle of global influence, chef Dani Garcia’s career has never taken the easy route. The one-time catering school student shook the Spanish culinary world by bringing ‘common’ dishes like gazpacho and ajoblanco to haute cuisine, helping transform the gastronomic landscape and setting the young chef on a path that would lead to two Michelin stars and must-visit restaurants in Madrid and New York. However, after taking over Marbella’s acclaimed Calima, the brutal financial realities of running a premiere fine dining establishment took their toll, with the restaurant soon shuttering and abruptly closing the book on Chef Garcia’s lifelong dream. With a tireless work ethic, boundless creativity and little to lose, he soon sets out to create his most ambitious project to date: bringing haute cuisine to the masses with BiBo, his most deeply personal vision yet. With the world watching and only two months to do it in, BiBo quickly proves to be the greatest challenge of Dani Garcia’s storied career.

Directors Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas and Iñigo Ruiz’s playful, absorbing new film challenges typical documentary structure, diving headfirst into the hard realities of opening a world-class restaurant. More than a portrait of a Michelin-starred chef, Deconstructing Dani Garia is a rare glimpse into a restless mind of a man both committed to self-expression yet racked by self-doubt and the high price being paid by his family over his tireless ambition.

Título: Deconstruyendo a Dani García

Desde su humilde origen de clase media hasta el pináculo de la influencia global, la carrera del chef Dani García no ha sido nunca fácil. Los directores Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas e Iñigo Ruiz se zambullen a fondo en la dura realidad de inaugurar un restaurant de primera categoría a nivel mundial, y comparten una inusual mirada en la mente infatigable de un hombre al mismo tiempo celoso de su auto expresión y plagado por la inseguridad.


"A flavorful and inspirational look at creativity and dedication in the face of adversary."- Seattle International Film Festival

Screening with Short Film

Dear America
2015 | 5 min | Documentary | Cuba | English, Spanish

Two U.S. teens travel to Cuba to ask, what would you like Americans to know?

Director(s): Sammi Handler, Lauren Kim | Producer(s): Cheri Gaulke, Jeff MacIntyre, Alethea Paradis | Writer(s): Sammi Handler, Lauren Kim | Cinematographer(s): Lauren Kim, Sammi Handler, Jeff MacIntyre | Editor(s): Sammi Handler, Lauren Kim | Composer(s): Killer Tracks | School: Harvard-Westlake School