Cine Latino: Don't Call Me Son


The Main 3 Sat, Nov 12, 2016 9:45 PM
Parkway Theater Sun, Nov 13, 2016 3:30 PM
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General Public:$10.00
Film Info
Original Title:Mãe Só Há Uma
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Program:Cine Latino
Women in Film
Tags:Women Directors
Release Year:2016
Runtime:82 min
Festivals & Awards:Teddy Award - Berlin International Film Festival
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Zeitgeist Films
Director:Anna Muylaert
Producer:Maria Ionescu
Sara Silveira
Anna Muylaert
Cinematographer:Barbara Alvarez
Screenwriter:Anna Muylaert
Editor:Helio Vilela Nunes
Composer:Berna Ceppas
Principal Cast:Naomi Nero
Daniel Botelho
Dani Nefussi
Filmography:The Second Mother ('15)
Chamada a Cobrar ('12)
Durval Records ('02)


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Screening with short film Missed Call.

Tentatively coming into his own androgyny, sensitive high school student Pierre (Naomi Nero), 17, spends his days playing guitar with his band and quietly struggling to establish a sexual identity while safe in the embrace of his working class single mom Aracy (Dani Nefussi) and kid sister Jacqueline (Lais Dais). But when Aracy is unexpectedly arrested, he quickly learns a bitter, more complicated truth about his identity: stolen by her as an infant and raised as her own, Pierre discovers that there’s an entire biological family who’d long been searching and are eager to rightfully claim him as one of theirs. Soon he is handed over to birth parents Matheus (Matheus Nachtergaele) and Gloria (also played by Dani Nefussi), and their bewildered son Joca (Daniel Botelho), a family whose life of bourgeois comforts and upper-class expectations clashes their new son’s burgeoning gender fluidity. Unused to privilege and unsure of his place, Pierre quietly rebels against a strange new set of pressures in director Anna Muylaert’s funny, fresh and absorbing new drama.

A warm and worthy follow-up to last year’s festival sensation The Second Mother, writer/director Muylaert beautifully handles what might have been dark and heavy material with a light, perceptive touch, mines deep emotional terrain with humor and empathy in a film where the smallest moments often have the biggest implications (the dressing room sequence is worth the price of admission alone).

Título: Mãe Só Há Uma (portugués)

En este gracioso, novedoso y absorbente drama, un sensible estudiante secundario llamado Pierre pasa sus días tocando la guitarra con su banda mientras lucha silenciosamente por establecer su identidad sexual desde el entorno seguro y cariñoso de Aracy, madre sola y de clase obrera, y su hermanita Jacqueline. La detención inesperada de Aracy lleva a Pierre a descubrir que él fue robado a su familia biológica al nacer, y que desde entonces lo han estado buscando. En un tierno y digno segundo film luego de su sensacional La segunde madre, la escritora y directora Muylaert, encara con belleza, suavidad y aguda percepción un tema que podría haber sido oscuro y abrumador. En este film la directora se adentra con humor y empatía en un terreno profundamente emotivo, donde los momentos más breves tienen a menudo las mayores implicaciones.


"A warmhearted study of genetics, gender and the true meaning of home."- The Hollywood Reporter

Screening with Short Film

Missed Call
2016 | 1 min | Narrative | USA | No Dialogue

Waking up from an accident, a teen discovers and experiences the dangers of texting and driving. Don't text and drive. It can wait!

Director(s): Isaiah Tarin | Producer(s): Nephtali Valdez | School: Southside High School