Cine Latino: X500


The Main 5 Wed, Nov 16, 2016 7:15 PM
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General Public:$10.00
Film Info
Original Title:X Quinientos
Premiere Status:Sneak Preview Screening
Program:Cine Latino
Focus - Colombia
Release Year:2016
Runtime:108 min
Director:Juan Andrés Arango Garcia
Producer:Jorge Andrés Botero
Edher Campos
Yanick Létourneau
Luis Salinas
Cinematographer:Vincent Biron, Nicolas Canniccioni
Screenwriter:Juan Andrés Arango
Editor:Felipe Guererro
Principal Cast:Jembie Almazan
Jonathan Diaz Angulo
Bernardo Garnica Cruz
Filmography:La Playa DC ('12)


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Screening with short film Behind the Wall.

In a haze of anger and grief following the death of her mother, young Maria (Jembie Almazan) finds herself far from her home in the Philippines and in the unfamiliar world of her grandmother’s new life in Montreal, struggling to find her mooring and drifting down a dangerous, self-destructive path. In Mexico, Mazahua native David (Bernardo Garnica Cruz) leaves his rural village to find work in the unforgiving slums of Mexico City, soon encountering an unexpected camaraderie and acceptance in a surprising lifestyle. And in the seaport city of Buenaventura on Colombia’s west coast, fisherman Alex (Jonathan Diaz Angulo) grapples to support his family under the eye of a vicious local crime syndicate while harboring a devastating secret from his recent time in “El Norte.”

Named after the Yucatán village considered the geographic center of the American continent, this visually stunning sophomore film from acclaimed Colombian writer/director Juan Andrés Arango is an unabashedly honest account of the universal struggle of migrants to find love and acceptance in strange new worlds. Equal parts grit and beauty, this eagerly anticipated follow-up to his celebrated debut La Playa DC is a rich, engaging tapestry of three souls coming out of mourning and searching to find their way home again.

Título: X Quinientos

Llamado así por el pueblito que se considera como centro geográfico del continente Americano, esta maravillosa segunda película del aclamado director y escritor colombiano Juan Andrés Arango es un desvergonzadamente honesto retrato de la lucha universal de los migrantes para encontrar amor y aceptación en una tierra extraña. Con partes iguales de belleza y agallas, este anticipado film, luego del celebrado debut con LA PLAYA DC, es un rico y atractivo entramado de tres almas que emergen del duelo y tratan de reencontrar el camino a casa.


"This wide-reaching story remains rooted in the uniqueness of the places and people at its centre."- Toronto International Film Festival

Screening with Short Film

Behind the Wall
2016 | 5 min | Documentary | USA | Spanish, English

Original title: Detras Del Muro. A short documentary based on the lives of Mexican Immigrant workers in Northern California Vineyards.

Director(s): Kiara Ramirez | Producer(s): Kiara Ramirez | Writer(s): Kiara Ramirez | Cinematographer(s): Kiara Ramirez | Editor(s): Kiara Ramirez | School: Mendocino Highschool