Science On Screen: Seabiscuit

Science On Screen: Seabiscuit | 140mins |


Capri TheatreThu, Apr 20, 2017 7:30 PM Event Date Passed
Film Info
Release Year:2003
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Tobey Maguire
Jeff Bridges
Elizabeth Banks
Director:Gary Ross
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Seabiscuit is the story of the little horse who could, as well as the people behind him. Each of them is an underdog in their own way: Seabiscuit has a temper and is trained to lose to other horses; Red was abandoned by his financially strapped family and takes up with a horse trainer, but he makes extra money in illegal wrestling matches on the side, and Howard is an automobile tycoon who falls into a deep depression after his son dies in an automobile accident. Joined by Smith, a horse trainer with a knack for injured and abused horses, and Marcela, Howard's new wife, the team take on the horse racing world to become one of the Cinderella story of the Great Depression

Just as victory, affirmation, and fame and fortune are within their grasp, disaster strikes. But they've faced disaster before, so why not overcome it another time to cement Seabiscuit's place in history as a championship racing horse?

Introduced by: George F. Seier, Jr DVM, MBH, MFH (ret) from the Cobbs Ford Pet Health Center PC in Prattville speaking on Science, The Horse, and Modern Day Winners ­ Just What is the Common Denominator?