A Prerequisite for Rebellion


Screening Room - Michigan Theater Fri, Mar 24, 2017 9:15 PM
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Event Type:Shorts Program
Black Diaspora
Release Year:2017
Production Country:USA


"There is trauma for a Black body to exist within a colonized space. In this sequence of short films, we see the different ways this trauma manifests: how the trauma eats away at the Black body mentally, physically and emotionally. Throughout the series of shorts we see the attempts to disrupt and dismantle white supremacy - a crucial act, now more than ever." Ingrid LaFleur 


Program curator Ingrid LaFleur is a cultural producer, arts advocate, and founder of AFROTOPIA. LaFleur has developed and organized art exhibitions nationally and internationally with a curatorial focus on the Afrofuturism arts movement. As guest curator at the Detroit Film Theatre at the Detroit Institute of Arts, LaFleur organizes the Afrofuturism Film Series. In 2013, LaFleur founded AFROTOPIA. Based in Detroit, AFROTOPIA is an evolving creative research project that investigates the possibilities of using Afrofuturism as psychosocial healing. LaFleur explores ideas around historical traumas, myth-making, transcendence, and the role of spirit science and technology within Black American socio-political movements. AFROTOPIA includes a film series, classes for youth, monthly book club, a DJ-in-residence program, a performance art festival, and an Afrofuturism Archive. 


Known for her expertise on Afrofuturism, LaFleur has presented at Centre Pompidou (Paris), Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA), TEDxBrooklyn, TEDxDetroit, Creative Mornings (Detroit), Iwalewahaus at the University of Bayreuth (Bayreuth, Germany), College for Creative Studies (Detroit), and Cinetopia (Detroit). She serves as board chair of Powerhouse Productions, board member of the Cooley Reuse Project, advisory board member of Culture Lab Detroit, and a member of the Detroit Culture Council. LaFleur is based in Detroit, Michigan. 


The Vacuum is Too Loud 

Gus Péwé 

USA | 2012 | 6 | digital file 

The story of a man who finds himself lost on Earth, determined to return home. (GP)  


All That is Left Unsaid  

Michele Pearson Clarke 

Canada | 2014 | 3 | digital file 

With Audre Lorde acting as both subject and surrogate, All That is Left Unsaid is a daughter's elegy for her mother. Both women lived with cancer for 14 years, and the absence of their wisdom, guidance and love is experienced as an ongoing loss. This short, experimental documentary reflects on all other black women gone too soon, in contemplating this aspect of grief. (MPC) 



Joiri Minaya 

USA / Dominican Republic | 2016 | 10 | digital file 

Siboney explores a dialogue between "Siboney," a song by Connie Francis, and a painting by Vela Zanetti of a dancing mulatta. Minaya disrupts the exotic in order to assert power and control over her own body. (IL) 


Sunday's Best  

Larry Achiampong 

United Kingdom | 2016 | 16 | digital file 

Sunday's Best considers how belief systems within the diaspora are inflicted by colonial histories in the present day. (LA) 


Aint I'm Clean 

Aisha Tandiwe Bell 

USA | 2012 | 8 | digital file 

Both a question and statement, the title Aint I'm Clean quotes Rufus Thomas during his 1972 Watt Stax performance. This video explores and asks questions about fear, guilt, and shame as it explores the psychological impact of living in a culture of white supremacy.  


Black Like Her  

Constance Strickland 

USA | 2014 | 13 | digital file 

Black Like Her is an experimental short film exploring womanhood through jazz album covers and movement while centering the traumatic experiences of Laura Nelson. While watching the film, we ask the viewer to consider the memories the body holds and how long they affect future generations. (CS)  


Decadent Asylum  

Amir George 

USA | 2016 | 22 | digital file 

Decadent Asylum is a journey of the spirit to higher realms of consciousness. (AG) 



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