Films in Competition 11: Music Videos

  • Pet Body (Miya Folick) Pet Body (Miya Folick)
  • Tiny Citizen (Insecteens) Tiny Citizen (Insecteens)
  • Celia Johnson (Winterpills) Celia Johnson (Winterpills)
  • Weapons (Connections) Weapons (Connections)
  • Boomerang (The Absynth Quintet) Boomerang (The Absynth Quintet)
  • Says You (The Luyas) Says You (The Luyas)
  • Proto Threnody in Dub (Skin Lies) Proto Threnody in Dub (Skin Lies)
  • Orations (Gaps and Spaces) Orations (Gaps and Spaces)
  • Posthumous Fame (Rye Pines) Posthumous Fame (Rye Pines)
  • Class Warfare (The Stress of Her Regard) Class Warfare (The Stress of Her Regard)
  • Sisters (Fever Ray) Sisters (Fever Ray)
  • Clowning Around (Little Bang Theory) Clowning Around (Little Bang Theory)
  • Inevitable, Unfavorable (BOINK! Dance & Film) Inevitable, Unfavorable (BOINK! Dance & Film)
  • KYBM (Keep Your Body Moving) (Natasha Beste) KYBM (Keep Your Body Moving) (Natasha Beste)
  • Paper Chase (blackhandpath) Paper Chase (blackhandpath)
  • Toxic Masculinity (Skin Lies) Toxic Masculinity (Skin Lies)
  • The Metal East (Lightning Bolt) The Metal East (Lightning Bolt)
  • Lighter Click (DEDSA) Lighter Click (DEDSA)


Lorch HallSat, Mar 25, 2017 8:00 PM Not Available
Film Info
Event Type:Shorts Program
Music Videos
Release Year:2017
Production Country:USA


Eighteen music videos featuring musicians and bands such as Lightning Bolt. Skin Lives, blackhandpath, Little Bang Theory, Fever Ray, The Absynth Quartet, Winterpills, Bryan Smee, The Luyas and more. Programmed and presented by concert promoter Greg Baise, who has brought vital music and other culture to Detroit from the global underground for over two decades.

Included Shorts

Pet Body (Miya Folick) (4min) More
Tiny Citizen (Insecteens) (5min) More
Celia Johnson (Winterpills) (3min) More
Weapons (Connections) (4min) More
Boomerang (The Absynth Quintet) (6min) More
Says You (The Luyas) (5min) More
Proto Threnody in Dub (Skin Lies) (10min) More
Orations (Gaps and Spaces) (3min) More
Posthumous Fame (Rye Pines) (3min) More
Class Warfare (The Stress of Her Regard) (4min) More
Sisters (Fever Ray) (4min) More
Clowning Around (Little Bang Theory) (2min) More
Inevitable, Unfavorable (BOINK! Dance & Film) (6min) More
KYBM (Keep Your Body Moving) (Natasha Beste) (4min) More
Paper Chase (blackhandpath) (2min) More
Toxic Masculinity (Skin Lies) (4min) More
The Metal East (Lightning Bolt) (4min) More
Lighter Click (DEDSA) (6min) More

Additional Information

Sponsor: The Crofoot

Community Partner: Neutral Zone