Selections from Extremely Shorts Film Festival


Main Theater - Michigan Theater Wed, Mar 22, 2017 1:00 PM


Now in its 20th year, the Extremely Shorts Festival is an annual juried competition of adventurous three-minute or shorter films and videos from around the world presented by Auroa Picture Show in Houston, TX.  This program features a selection of very short films from the last 10 years of Extremely Shorts, curated by Mary Magsamen.


Lyrics on the Paper 

Jeremy Rourke 

USA | 3 

An animated music video for a song of the same title. 



Italy | 1 

The rhythmic gestures of a tailor and his wife become a dance, but this glimpse of desire soon falls down like a pin. 


Fish (Mahi) 

Saman Hosseinpuor 

Iran | 3 

An old couple is living in an apartment, and a fish is living in a bowl. 


Frog Jesus 

Ben Peters 

USA | 2 

He thought that he could make a frog Jesus..a nostalgic voyage takes a darker turn, exploring the naiveté of mankind through the eyes of a young boy. 


The Adventures of Meow Meow 

Dennis Zaidi 

Canada | 3 

A cunning cat meets its enemy, a red fish. He swears to destroy her? but will his carefully calculated plan succeed? 


Raw Data 

Jake Fried 

USA | 1 

Animator Jake Fried works with layer after layer of ink, gouache, white-out, and coffee to create a deeply textured and truly psychedelic animated short. 


For Needling Self Doubt and The Indignities Of Your Office Job 

Kara Hearn 

USA | 3 

A series of short video rituals engaging with fabricated feelings of meaningfulness, mastery, futility and agency, doubt and hope. 


899 Krosno Blvd. 

Vanessa Godden 

USA | 3 

After relocating to Texas in 1996, the filmmaker?s most missed space was her paternal grandparents? home in Pickering, Ontario. 


Oscillating Fan 

Rob Tyler 

USA | 3 

A quiet symphony of circulating air, Oscillating Fan is an abstract and joyful look at domesticated technology. 



Fredrik Thelander 

Sweden | 1 

The unpleasant truth is revealed to a man who suspects his wife of infidelity. 


A Thought for Robert 

Kevin Landry 

Canada | 2 

While on vacation in Morocco, Mara tries to send a video message to her husband, but the simple task becomes an ordeal thanks to some outside interference. 



Mark F. Kindred 

USA | 2 

A large man suits up for an operatic jog through the park, but to what end? 



Daniel Carberry 

USA | 3 

Sandbox is an action short film about a squad of five soldiers lost in the desert. 


This Is It 

Alexander Engel 

USA | 3 

These kids are best buds. Through college. Through life. Through that first apartment together. Or so they think. I mean, really, is that big a deal if your stupid houseplant doesn't survive the lease? 


Mengna Lei 

USA | 2 

This animation presents a normal day of a Chinese family, and questions a social issue in modern society. 


Elle Be Jay  

Melissa Tran 

USA | 2 

This text-based video visually highlights a long forgotten (and widely unknown) phone call made by a widely known man. 


Short Stitched  

Jenalia Moreno 

USA | 3 

After unexpectedly losing his job, quilter Randall Cook made a piece of art depicting a male nude, causing quite a stir amongst traditional quilters. 


Seung Hee Kim 

Republic of Korea | 2 

A woman looks into her mind. Chasing her ideals on a tightrope. Every imperfect piece of her mind completes herself. 


I Am Your Grandma  

Jillian Mayer 

USA | 1 

I Am Your Grandma is an autobiographical video diary log (vlog) that Jillian Mayer records for her unborn grandchildren. 


Mark Walley & Angela Guerra 

USA | 3 

An experimental music video about a fake funk band which consists of Mark Walley, Michael-Paul Hernandez and Angela Guerra. 


I Am The Blueberry 

Al Herrmann 

USA | 2 

A musical tale of fruit and fate. 



David Wanger 

USA | 2 

Anatinus is a musical cinematographical voyage into the hazy early hours of the day.