The Light and the Dark: Films by Jay Rosenblatt



Screening Room - Michigan TheaterFri, Mar 24, 2017 2:00 PM Not Available


The title speaks for itself. It is an eclectic program of mostly recent films. There are found footage pieces as well as documentary comedies. These films are all Ann Arbor Film Festival premieres. 


I Used To Be A Filmmaker  

2003 | 10 | digital file 

A film about fatherhood, filmmaking and the bond between a father and his infant daughter.  


The Claustrum  

2014 | 16 | digital file 

Based on actual psychoanalytic case studies, this film focuses on three women who are in enclosed psychological zones that function as both refuge and jail. 


Inquire Within  

2012 | 4 | digital file  

A hypnotic, apocalyptic examination of false choices, double binds, vulnerability and faith. 


The Darkness of Day  

2009 | 26 | digital file 

A haunting meditation on suicide, comprised entirely of found 16mm footage that had been discarded. 


The D Train  

2011 | 5 | digital file 

An old man reflects on his entire life. How quickly it all goes by. 


A Long Way From Home  

2015 | 3 | digital file 

A hand processed celluloid invocation of the last hours of Jesus that hints at the relationship between the spirit and the flesh. 


I Like It A Lot 

2004 | 4 | digital file 

A two year old, an ice cream cone, and a clean, white shirt. 


When You Awake  

2016 | 11 | digital file 

An unscientific study of what happens when two people are hypnotized leading into an exhilarating journey into the unconscious mind (the repository for fears, desires, aggression, dreams).