Fracking (with) Postmodernism or There's a Little Dr. Frankenstein In All of Us



North Quad Space 2435Fri, Mar 24, 2017 11:00 AM This Is A Free Event
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Event Type:Off The Screen!


A 30-minute presentation about how we might deconstruct the relationship between popular forms of cinematic expression and more alternative forms, followed by a collaborative dialogue.

Since the dawn of (wo)mankind humans have had the keen, pro-cinematic ability to assess our surroundings in ways not unlike the quick, rack focus of a camera. We move fluidly between close examination (a form of deconstruction) to a wide-angle view of the world (recontextualizing the minutiae of our dailiness within deep philosophical inquiries about the nature of existence). This raack focus activity - "taking apart" and "putting back together" - might be likened to how popular cinema and alternative forms work together (though not always in harmony with each other) to project profound representations of the human condition.

**Presented in the same timeslot with That which fades away continues forever (2 H.B.)