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Film Info
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:Asian Frontiers
Tags:Dark Comedy
Asian Interest
Road Movie
Voice Category:Thrill Me Chill Me
Release Year:2016
Runtime:112 min
Festivals & Awards:Best Art Direction - Golden Horse Awards
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Mandarin Vision
Director:Chung Mong-Hong
Producer:Ye Jufeng
Tseng Shao-Chien
Cinematographer:Nagao Nakashima
Screenwriter:Chung Mong-Hong
Editor:Lai Hsiu-Hsiung
Composer:Tseng Si-Ming
Principal Cast:Michael Hui
Na Dow
Leon Lai Tou Chung-hua
Matt Wu
Chen Yi-wen
Filmography:Parking ('08)
The Fourth Portrait ('10)
Soul ('13)


Na Dow may be one of the most unambitious drug runners ever. Here is a man so indifferent to fate that he simply accepts suspicious bags from suspicious characters, hails a taxi, drives hours to his contact while making small talk, then takes the cab right back home, each and every week. No problem. Until everything goes hilariously and profoundly wrong. Poor Na Dow meets his match in Old Xu, a cabdriver obsessed with retirement and good conversation, who will do almost anything to land this one last job for the day and earn those few more bucks he can sock away. When these two take the wrong drugs to the right thugs, all hell breaks loose. Teaming up with Hong Kong comedian Michael Hui, director Chung Mong-Hong spins a crime tale that perfectly balances absurdist comedy, social criticism, and extreme violence.

Director’s Statement

People say Godspeed to bid farewell, as blessing and hope. A journey is not always smooth sailing, and fate may change in a split second. This film serves to remind us to look back at what we miss and pick up, even just a fraction, what we feel as human beings.

Director Biography

Chung Mong-Hong was born in Ping-Tong, Taiwan. He received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from National Chao Tung University in Taiwan, and his M.F.A. in Filmmaking from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since 1997, Chung has directed more than one hundred TV commercials. In 2008, his first long feature film Parking was selected in Cannes Film Festival for the Un Certain Regard section. His second long feature film, The Fourth Portrait, won him the Best Director of Golden Horse Award in 2010, and has been selected in Locarno and Toronto International Film Festival. His third long feature film, Soul, has also been selected in Toronto, Tokyo and Pusan International Film Festival. Godspeed is CHUNG’s 4th long feature film.

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