PANEL: How To Make a Great Short Film

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O'Callaghan Annapolis HotelFri, Mar 31, 2017 10:30 AM Not Available  


There are more reasons than ever to make a short film — a calling card for an aspiring director, a proof-of-concept exercise for a creative team, an opportunity to build a team of like-minded creatives — but how can you build a foolproof story structure and immersive production values? Upon what merits will festivals, distributors, and investors appraise your film? What’s that critical step that takes a good short film to a great one? Find out more here.

Mimi Edmunds | Producer, Former CBS Producer, Former Director of the Maine Workshops and Professor Emeritus at Emerson College

John Fortson | Director, RATED
Laura Seay | Director, SPEAK
Reed Van Dyk | Director, DEKALB ELEMENTARY