PANEL: The Truth About Producers & Directors

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St. John's Conversation RoomSat, Apr 1, 2017 10:30 AM Not Available  


As long as there has been a motion picture industry, there have been producers and directors collaborating — and clashing. When artistic vision meets the hard-and-fast reality of production, sparks are bound to fly. What defines their roles, their challenges and desires? This dance is often a love-hate relationship held together by money, passion, and mutual respect. When it works, it’s movie magic.

Joe Neumaier, AFF Advisory Board, WOR Film Critic

Ruth Du | Producer, THE ARCHER
Jordan Roberts | Director, BURN YOUR MAPS
Wayne Roberts | Director, KATIE SAYS GOODBYE
Wayne Rogers | Producer, WIND RIVER and AFF Advisory Board
Matt Spicer | Director, INGRID GOES WEST
Tim White | Producer, INGRID GOES WEST and LBJ
Trevor White | Producer, INGRID GOES WEST and LBJ