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St. John's Conversation RoomSat, Apr 1, 2017 12:00 PM Not Available  


As a structural document, a script informs nearly every element of a film or television project — the performances, the production design, the scoring…That’s no small feat, given the sky-high stakes of the entertainment industry. But what of modern writers and the ever-present demand for truthful, dynamic onscreen representation? How can the complexities and conundrums of an individual existence be conveyed with authenticity on the page? What can be done to challenge conventions and avoid stagnant storytelling with the boom of scripted new media? Join us to delve into the act of committing character to paper — how are these creations inspired, shephered, and expanded over the course of production?

Emily Dell | ScreenCraft
Melissa Carter | Executive Producer, QUEEN SUGAR
Jordan Roberts | Director and Writer, BURN YOUR MAPS
Tanya Saracho | Writer, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER
Matt Spicer | Director and Writer, INGRID GOES WEST