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Film Info
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:New American Visions
Tags:Family Drama
Jewish Interest
Culture & Society
Release Year:2017
Runtime:82 min
Print Source:A24
Director:Joshua Z Weinstein
Producer:Alex Lipschultz
Traci Carlson
Joshua Z Weinstein
Danny Finkelman
Yoni Brook
Cinematographer:Yoni Brook
Joshua Z Weinstein
Screenwriter:Joshua Z Weinstein
Alex Lipschultz
Musa Syeed
Editor:Scott Cummings
Composer:Dag Rosenqvist
Aaron Martin
Principal Cast:Menashe Lustig
Filmography:Drivers Wanted ('12)


Menashe (played by Menashe Lustig, and mirroring his own life’s story), is an orthodox Hasidic Jew in Brooklyn’s Borough Park, a good man, though utterly hapless. When his wife dies, by tradition he must give his son Rieven over to his pious uncle, as Menashe must find a new wife to raise the boy. Barely able to make ends meet as a grocery store clerk, the despondent Menashe seems to ruin every opportunity that appears before him. When his rabbi grants him one special week with Rieven before his wife’s memorial, Menashe hopes to prove himself a suitable man of faith and and a good father to his impressionable son.

Performed entirely in Yiddish, Menashe carries on the greatest tradition of cinéma vérité, and, though often melancholy, has a wonderfully dry, outsider humor.

“One of the 50 most anticipated American films of 2017.” — Filmmaker Magazine

Director’s Biography

Joshua Z Weinstein: Joshua Z Weinstein is a cinematographer and director. He has directed award-winning commercials and journalism, and played bass in the hardcore band Trophy Scars. On his website, he states, “As a filmmaker and director of photography I bring a gritty realism to my work yet infuse it with a sense of humor and pathos.”

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