St. Anthony Main Theatre 3 Mon, Apr 24, 2017 7:20 PM
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General Public:$13.00
Student (Box Office Only):$8.00
Youth (25 & Under/Box Office Only):$8.00
Film Info
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:World Cinema
Voice Category:Show me the Love
Release Year:2016
Runtime:94 min
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Swen Releasing
Director:Benedict Andrews
Producer:Jean Doumanian
Patrick Daly
Maya Amsellem
Cinematographer:Thimios Bakatakis
Screenwriter:David Harrower
Editor:Nick Fenton
Composer:Jed Kurzel
Principal Cast:Rooney Mara
Ben Mendelsohn
Riz Ahmed
Filmography:Debut Feature


Based on the worldwide hit play Blackbird, Una is the story of the eponymous woman who seeks to reclaim her sexuality from the man who abused her as a child 15 years earlier. As a child, Una ran away with Ray, who promised her a trip to Europe and a life free from her small town. Caught and jailed for many years, Ray is finally released and now lives an anonymous life with a new name, a new wife, and child. When Una sees his photo in a trade magazine, she seeks him out at his workplace... not to exact justice, but to rekindle the love affair that continues to mean more than anything to her. Rooney Mara makes Una a force of nature, and Benedict Andrews film has left audiences spellbound... or driven them from the theater due to its touchy subject matter. "An astonishing success." - The Film Stage

Directors Biography

Benedict Andrews: Benedict Andrews is widely regarded as Australia's greatest theater director, and has enjoyed world renown for his towering Shakespeare cycle The War of the Roses, which he adapted from eight plays. He also directs opera and has written plays and poetry. Una is his first film.