Shorts Program 11

  • Boomtown
  • Dreaming With Lola
  • Hello! My Name Is Eitzen
  • The Invisible World
  • The Wizard Oz
  • Town by the Water
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General Public:$13.00
Youth (25 & Under/Box Office Only):$8.00
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Guest Attending:Yes
Festival Programs:Shorts 11
Short Films
Runtime:100 min


Filmmakers Attending!

Hello! My Name Is Eitzen: As a goof, a family from Philadelphia travels to a small midwestern town that shares the same uncommon name. But the route—from lark to laughter to life lessons learned—is more than they bargained for.
Director(s): Dave Eitzen | Runtime: 15 min | Country: USA | 2016 | English | Documentary | Minnesota Made

Boomtown: In the ‘armpit of America,’ Steve and Earl Cassorla serve countless customers from every walk of life, all fueled by a love of family, friends, freedom, and reworks.
Director(s): Robert Bryant, J. David LeCompte | Runtime: 17 min | Country: USA | 2016 | English | Documentary

Dreaming With Lola: Following her dream of owning a small farm, Khaiti Hallstein struggles with the uncertainty of her work yet keeps a sense of humor when faced with unexpected life lessons from her ducks.
Director(s): Jila Nikpay | Runtime: 9 min | Country: USA | 2016 | English | Documentary | Minnesota Made

The Invisible World: The Invisible World follows the painter through nearly 40 years of mystical, often painful visions, and the 10,000 scrapes, strokes, and mistakes he needs to produce a single work.
Director(s): Jen Fineran | Runtime: 13 min | Country: USA | 2016 | English | Documentary

Town by the Water: Town by the Water immerses viewers into the home of Paul and Issy Bosch, a married couple in their 80’s, and uncovers meaning in their everyday life.
Director(s): Raechel Bosch | Runtime: 21 min | Country: USA | 2016 | English | Documentary | Minnesota Made

The Wizard Oz: Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, “OZ”, is a real-life wizard whose life conjures up tales of unicorns, mermaids, a serial killer, and the most cryptic magic of all, love.
Director(s): Danny Yourd | Runtime: 24 min | Country: USA | 2017 | English | Documentary

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Included Shorts

Hello! My Name Is Eitzen (15min) More
Boomtown (17min) More
Dreaming With Lola (9min) More
The Invisible World (13min) More
Town by the Water (21min) More
The Wizard Oz (24min) More