David Attenborough's Light on Earth

40th IWFF
  • Souls of the Vermilion Sea Souls of the Vermilion Sea


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Series:Showing with Souls of the Vermillion Sea
Run Time:29min + 52min
Release Year:2017
Hosted By:"Souls...:" filmmaker Sean Bogle in attendance!
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Director:Monika Zalega


David Attenborough's Light on Earth(52min) showing with Souls of the Vermilion Sea(29min).

Souls of the Vermilion Sea
The small fishing communities of the upper Gulf of California are facing a crisis - the black market for the swim bladder of an endangered fish called the totoaba is putting these communities and ecosystems at risk. This illegal fishery is also driving the vaquita, a species of porpoise endemic to this region, to extinction. Filmmaker Sean Bogle in attendance!

David Attenborough's Light on Earth
The spectacular and magical light produced by glowworms, fireflies and luminous plankton is known as bioluminescence - light made by living creatures. But those quite familiar glows and flashes are just a tiny, easily observed fragment of a previously unexplored, mysterious realm. The sea at night sparkles, as millions of luminous plankton reveal the shapes of dolphins in a truly magical light show. But why do animals produce light of their own? For centuries, we could only marvel at the beauty and the mystery. But now, for the first time we can begin to reveal the amazing truth about living lights. Sir David Attenborough will be our guide, as we venture into a world he describes as "utterly unlike our own". He and a team of the world’s leading scientists take us on a quest into the fascinating realm of living light.

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