Montana Short Films: Fire, Divide, Elk, Rivers!
40th IWFF at the University of MT
  • Shaped By Fire
  • The High Divide
Film Info
Series:Free Admissoin at UC Theater on UM Campus
Run Time:10min + 16min + 28min
Release Year:2017
Premiere Status:International Premiere
Montana Premiere
Hosted By:Show at the UC Theater on the UM Campus.
Montana Conservation organizations in attendance!
Sponsored By:UM Wildlife Biology Department
Special Concessions:Show at the UC Theater.
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Jenny Nichols

Free admission, at the UC Theater on the University of Montana Film Festival.

Director Greg Hamilton and Subject Bryant Dunn in Attendance Three Montana Centric Short Films at UC: SHAPED BY FIRE, THE HIGH DIVIDE, ELK RIVER UC Theater 7 PM on April 18

Sponsored by Montana State Parks, Montana State Parks Foundation, UM President's Office, and the UM Wildlife Biology Department.

ELK RIVER - 28 min A short documentary that captures the migration of elk in the Yellowstone area through a multidisciplinary lens by following a scientist, Arthur Middleton, a contemporary artist, James Prosek and award winning photojournalist Joe Riis. For many of the elk herds that summer in Yellowstone National Park, home is outside the protected park boundaries the rest of the year, as far as 70 miles away. Mirroring a similar expedition undertaken in 1871 that fused science and the arts, this modern band of explorers join their ungulate counterparts on a trek from Wyoming’s rangeland through snowy mountain passes and treacherous river crossings to the rugged beauty of Yellowstone’s high-alpine meadows. Along the way, they meet backcountry guides and cattle ranchers whose lives are intricately tied with the fate of the elk and other migratory species that call the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem home.

SHAPED BY FIRE - 10 min Filmmakers Bobby Jahrig, Nick Littman, Nick Triolo In Attendance Two friends run 52 miles along the MT-ID stateline in a campaign to push the proposed Great Burn Wilderness closer to designation.

THE HIGH DIVIDE - 16min Director Eric Bendick In Attendance They say The High Divide is the place where the world is cut in two. Then again, it may be where everything comes together. This place was once called “the big empty.” But it's bursting at the seams - with deep forests, streams brimming with trout, meadows flush with grizzlies and wildflowers, and peaks so wild and vast they stretch all the way to the horizon. It’s also full of people. People who love the land. Cowboys who love salmon. Range riders who shepherd cattle and carnivores. Woodcutters who fight for forests. Generation after generation stewarding land and water. These are the lost voices of a new kind of pioneer. An original film celebrates the confluence of a wild place, its visionary people, and a bold new mission to preserve and restore the backbone of the American West.

Included Shorts
Shaped By Fire (10min) 40th IWFF at the University of MT More
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