A Toad Story

40th IWFF
  • A Leap Frog A Leap Frog
  • Plastic is Forever Plastic is Forever


Film Info
Series:40th International Wildlife Film Festival
Run Time:5min + 20min + 50 min
Release Year:2017
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Toril Simonsen


A Toad Story(50min) showing with A Leap of Frog(5min) and Plastic is Forever(20min)

A Leap of Frog
A captivating short film showing the unique physical abilities of frogs. The film uses slow motion videos to capture numerous amphibians leaping for their meals.

Plastic is Forever
An in depth look at plastic pollution from a kid's perspective, and what kids can do to solve the problem.

A Toad Story
In a deep fjord in Norway a small community is changed forever when a new European road route threatens the local toads. ”A Toad Story” is a warm film about seeing greatness in the planets smallest creatures.

Included Shorts

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Plastic is Forever (20min) 40th IWFF More