Wayne's World

Wayne's World | 94mins |


Capri TheatreThu, Jul 6, 2017 7:30 PM Event Date Passed
Film Info
Release Year:1992
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Mike Meyers
Dana Carvey
Rob Lowe
Director:Penelope Spheeris


You are not worthy!

Wayne and Garth are looking for their next big break (or their first, but shh) and might have just found it. The two host a public-access TV show in Wayne's mom's basement, and it's popular enough that producer Benjamin Oliver buys the rights for $10,000! Wayne can finally buy the guitar he's been wanting! They go out to celebrate, and Wayne makes the acquaintance of Cassandra, a babe with great vocals, only to later find that Benjamin is making the moves on Cassandra, too.

At least Wayne and Garth still have their show! Or do they?

If they want their lives back, they're going to have to rock harder than ever! ... In Wayne's mom's basement.