MinnAnimate 6



The Main 3 Thu, Sep 14, 2017 6:00 PM
Ticket Prices
General Public:$8.50
Film Info
Runtime:120 min (60/program)


MinnAnimate is a place for animation in Minnesota. MinnAnimate is a homegrown Minnesota animation film festival.

MinnAnimate 6 will be on September 14, 2017 at the Film Society of Minneapolis and St. Paul St. Anthony Main Theater! There will be a youth/student animation showcase at 6:00pm and an Independent Animation showcase at 7:00pm with Q&A’s after each. One ticket buys you admission into both shows. Say you are going on the Facebook event.

MinnAnimate 6 Youth/Student Program

This program will show at 6:00pm on September 14.

New Frontier
by Samantha Ballis

In the future, the only frontier left to explore is space.

by Kai and Sam

Recycling Gone Wrong
by Elyse and Ellen

These two films were created during the IFP MN Stop Motion Animation Camp in June 2017.

Theng’s Animation
by Pao Thao Theng

SPNN youth detail their trip to Detroit and recite their bonding experiences and lessons they’ve learned from the Allied Media Conference in Detroit.

Welcome to Hell
by Henry

Matt and Ollie
by Leon

Final Project (Flower Movie)
by Vidhya H.

These three short films (and the MinnAnimate trailer) were created during the IFP MN Photoshop/Animate Camp in August 2017.

by Jennifer Rosario

This film shows the relationship between an old dog who just wants to sleep and a baby who just wants to play.

I’m Happy – Teen Nostalgia
by Jim Belden

“I’m Happy” was produced by students in the Animation @ The Station class at CTV North Suburbs, as a culminating project for a class that explored various types of animation styles. It is an abbreviated music video for a song of the same title by teen musician Teenage Nostalgia.

by Joseph Dutra

A bored student experiences a frightening wake-up call.

The Love Bug
by Jennifer Rosario

Two chameleons find love through the help of a metaphoric match-making butterfly.

The Star Shepherd Parts 1 and 2
by Mary Kippley

A little girl transforms into the keeper of the stars, but grows lonely. Finding something unidentifiable floating in the distance, she goes off to investigate.

by Sklyer Swender

Drawn charcoal stopmotion accounting the events of the 1914 Christmas truce from soldiers diaries and journals.

by Emily Downes

A dissection of a macroscopic view of individual constitution or actualization is interpreted through symbols and abstraction. “Astrodynes” is a representation of an astrological birth chart where physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tendencies endowed at birth are realized through animation.

MinnAnimate 6 Independent Animation Program

This program will show at 7:00pm on September 14.

Creation Myth
by Lea Redding

A boy playing on the river bank helps a turtle get back into the water, and sees something incredible.

Kidtasia: A Fantasy in 5 Beats
by Robert Jersak

The kid took my tablet and messed around with GarageBand, so I decided to animate some of her beats and tracks. A very short electronic riff on Fantasia.

Fulfillingness’ Rebirth
by chamindika wanduragala

A shadow puppet stop motion animation dealing with losing/regaining creativity and sense of self after childbirth.

eye palindrome eye
by Colin Stanhill

A series of exercises in synthesized silliness. A formalist offering of fabricated frivolity. A procession of ocular oddments. A capricious cartoon. A geometric jaunt.

by Emory Allen

A humorous take on the dangers of over-working. Made for Hellavision Television Animation Show.

All My Heroes
by Adam Loomis

Music video for Minneapolis-based band, Double Grave.

Maureen and the Ice Queen
by Beth Peloff

A young girl discovers there’s more to her favorite food than meets the eye.

Sleigh Runner
by Andy Lefton

A modern approach to an age old legend.

by Josh Stifter

Every snowflake is different, right?

Magic Season
by Wayne Nelsen

Tom Cassidy talks about his brother, mentalist extraordinaire, Bob Cassidy.

by Susan Shay Brugger

Getting toothpaste back in the tube isn’t a problem for an animator.

by Eve Hernandez

A series of compositions created to offset a high anxiety inducing lifestyle.

Thursday’s Child
by Margaret Polzine

Thursday’s Child has far to go. As I gazed into the storm, I was never more receptive to the vast journey ahead of me, never more aware of my smallness. But it was also in this meditative state that I found I was not afraid of the void, but soothed by it. Thursday’s Child has far to go, and what a comfort that is.

8500 v2.0
by Trevor Adams

A/V remix of an IMP classic.

Self Portrait
by Cody Greene

Self Portrait is a short about the healing properties of the creative process; Using art as a means of coping with inner turmoil such as depression and anxiety.

PEEN Zine – Mature Warning
by Simeon Kondev

ISSUE #1 of self-published animation

Manfred’s my Friend
by Edward Heyl

Manfred the vampire lord discovers the meaning of true friendship… and the gamezone club.

A Pitiful Mind
by Ian Lueck

In this sequel to “C.A.T. Scam” and “Hoppity Quack”, Mr. Cat is forced to attend therapy, and clashes with Dr. Rabbit, who keeps entering his life at the most inopportune times.

Science Movie
by Sue Grant

Spoof on Gravity

Science Today: The Trump Particle
by John Akre

Dr. Hubert Zork presents his research on the Trump Phenomenon.

The Dames – “Head of State”
by Brian Barber

Music video for Duluth-based band The Dames, produced as part of the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival.

by Mike Owens

The cat of a terrified man performs an act of cathartic kindness the morning after a shocking presidential election.

The Message
by Julie JAO

The Message is a short film of an experimental creative ritual. The performer creates, breathes life into the creation and sends it with a message to the spirit world.

Dead Birds
by Emily Fritze

After a tragedy occurs in a remote desert town, a boy sees his world through a new, more sinister perspective. With a fairybug as his sidekick, he sets out to unearth the truth behind what happened.