Basic Instinct (Unrated Director's Cut)
O Cinema WynwoodTue, Oct 17, 2017 9:00 PM Event Date Passed

O Cinema and Reel Hottpants are proud to present the Unrated Director's Cut of BASIC INSTINCT!


Join DJ Hottpants as he guides you through a hilarious but informative showing of BASIC INSTINCT (Unrated Director's Cut)! Laugh and learn from his movie commentary during the screening, add your voice to the crowd, and follow the audience participation cues. Come to the pre-show for bonus facts and frivolity as DJ Hottpants gives you context for what's to come! He loves this movie, but revels in its general terribleness.


The pulpy/steamy/campy/whaaaaa??? neo-noir returns Michael Douglas to the streets of San Francisco as a police detective who becomes entranced with a murder suspect. Sharon Stone hit the big time as the suspected femme fatale whose latest novel mimics the murder. Her infamous interview scene was also the the cause for many VHS tapes to break, as lustful fans kept pausing and rewinding again and again to see if they saw what they think they saw between her legs! LGBT organizations boycotted and protested the film for its portrayal of lesbians and bi-sexuals. Everyone should have protested the script's dialogue and plot holes (which was written by Joe Eszterhas in only 10 days and sold for 3 million dollars). Nominated for 2 Oscars AND 2 Razzies, Basic Instinct is a treat not to be missed!


White dresses, Gap turtlenecks, and 90s club costumes are encouraged.


• 8PM – DJ Hottpants will show ‘90s music videos and clips of the cast, share ridiculous trivia, and award prizes!
• 9PM – BASIC INSTINCT (Unrated Director's Cut) with audience participation and commentary by DJ Hottpants