Morvern Callar

Staff Pick


Film Info
Series:Staff Pick
Run Time:97 min
Release Year:2002
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Lynne Ramsay
Cast Members:Samantha Morton
Kathleen McDermott


Staff Pick is a monthly selection straight from one our own movie-loving staff members at The Roxy Theater.

When her boyfriend commits suicide, unambitious Glasgow clerk Morvern Callar (Samantha Morton) invents various stories to explain his absence. After several days, she chops up and buries the body. She then finds a novel he completed before killing himself and sends it to several publishing houses as her own work. When the book is bought, Morvern uses her first payment to take a Spanish vacation with her best friend, Lana (Kathleen McDermott), which turns out to be a surprising emotional journey.