Vittoro De Sica's MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE - Italian Cinema with Irene P. Eckert



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Italian Cinema with Irene P. Eckert

(Matrimonio all’italiana) in 35 mm film!

Starring Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren
Monday, January 22 at 7:30 pm | Members $11 | Public $16

The wealthy Domenico has had a long love affair with Filumena, who he’s been happy to keep as a mistress but nothing more. The problem comes when she grows tired of being kept to the side and hatches a plan to become a bigger part of his life …

When handsome, successful Domenico (Marcello Mastroianni) first meets the sexy young waif Filomena (Sophia Loren) in Naples during World War II, he is instantly smitten. Flash forward to the postwar years, and the two meet again, sparking a passionate affair that spans two decades. But when Filomena – who has now become Domenico's kept woman and has secretly borne his children – learns that her lover is planning to wed another, she stops at nothing to hook him into marrying her instead.
Sold to American distributors on the basis of Sophia Loren's revealing costumes, Marriage Italian Style remains a warm and spicy concoction today, even after years of less expert imitations. The film was based on Filumena Marturano by Eduardo de Filipo. (Italy/France, 1964, 102 min., NR, Italian with English subtitles| Dir. Vittorio De Sica)

Film Historian, Irene P. Eckert has been presenting films throughout Long Island for 12 years. She previously taught social studies and psychology at Northport High School for 35 years. An Italian immigrant herself, she not only examines Italian cinema but its cultural and historical significances.