Evil Dead 2 and The Gate (35mm Double Feature)



Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 1Fri, Feb 23 10:00 PM Event Date Passed


Evil Dead 2 and The Gate (35mm Double Feature)

Friday, February 23, 2018

Members $18 / Public $22

Retro Picture Show presents EVIL DEAD 2 and THE GATE – both screening on 35mm.

EVIL DEAD 2 (1987)

Ash (Bruce Campbell), the sole survivor of The Evil Dead returns to the same isolated cabin deep in the woods with his girlfriend, Annie (Sarah Berry). The two discover a mysterious tape recorder and hear the voice of Professor Knowby reciting passages from the Necronomicon, or Book of the Dead. Little do they know that the professor’s words are powerful enough to evoke a spell that unleashes the spirit of evil alive in the remote forest surrounding them.

Watch in terror as the plot sickens and the supernatural demons invade the cabin on a gory crusade for human victims. In desperation, Ash attempts to escape his horrific fate by battling with the gruesome ghouls with the help of some unexpected visitors. However, he discovers that he is no match for the unspeakable creatures lurking behind every door, and waiting beyond every corner. (US, 84 mins, Dir. Sam Raimi, 35mm)


THE GATE (1987)


Open THE GATE for terror – it’s a frightening supernatural thriller where your worst nightmares come true. Sensational special effects combined with chilling suspense make for a hellish film adventure.


Haunting visions fill a once-peaceful home as two teens discover an unholy evil that waits below. Best friends, Glen and Terry, stumble across a special rock with a beautiful crystalline center in Glen’s backyard. The rock enthralls them and they dig up the family’s newly sodded lawn in search for more of the precious stones… They find THE GATE – a hidden underground chamber that holds the secret of centuries and the vengeance of eternity. They’ve unlocked deadly demons and ghoulish fiends out to create Hell on earth. The kids’ worst nightmares chase them through the haunted night. The GATE must be closed before it’s too late. (US, 85 mins, Dir. Tibor Takacs, 35mm)