Shorts Block 1: Tropical Tales


The Roxy Theater Screen 3 Sat, Apr 14, 2018 6:45 PM
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Series:A Second Look: The IWFF Films You May Have Missed
Run Time:62 min
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Shorts Block 1: Tropical Tales
A journey into the lives of the diverse and colorful species that live in the torrid jungles of South America.

Amazonia Dammed
14 minutes, Directed by Aja Bodjolle, UK
AMAZONIA DAMMED tells the story of the Munduruku people's urgent struggle to protect the heart of the Amazon against one of the largest mega-dam projects on earth. The film shows how these brave warriors of the modern day fight an impossible war of hope, and joins its voice to the growing chorus proclaiming the need to preserve our planet's remaining rainforests.

Los Osos Anteojos (The Spectacled Bears)
7 minutes, Directed by Kristen Heard, Peru
In the Andean dry forest, South America's only native bear is struggling for survival. The Andean Spectacled Bear faces habitat destruction from deforestation, illegal farming, and human encroachment. One organization, Spectacled Bear Conservation Society - Peru, is working to find ways for this gentle creature to exist and thrive in an increasingly threatening world.

The Healing Lizard
12 minutes, Directed by Fernanda Prudencio, Bolivia
In the heart of South America lies a land of contrasts and ancient traditions: Bolivia. High up in its mountain lives a tiny lizard.  A whole culture is about to be revealed through this incredible reptile. THE HEALING LIZARD highlights the fragile relationship that exists between nature, tradition and culture, showing the various elements of its complex interaction, which needs to find a balance in order to achieve sustainability.  ?

To Catch a Macaw
13 minutes, Directed by Angela Prochilo, United Kingdom
Field biologist Erica Pacífico and her team are on a mission to find endangered Lear’s macaw chicks. The task, however, is not easy. These birds nest in small natural caves on sheer sandstone cliffs, difficult to access. The Lear’s macaw is one of the rarest birds in the world, being found only in the arid Caatinga forest of northeast Brazil. Despite their rarity, they are at great risk from the pet trade and habitat loss.

Water from the Mountain
16 minutes, Directed by Jeremy Monroe and David Herasimtschuik, US
Follow the path of water from the rainforests of Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Forest to the Coastal communities that rely on fresh water… and discover one of the world’s most amazing water treatment (eco)systems.