White Wolves: Ghost of the Arctic + Fox Tales


The Roxy Theater Screen 2 Mon, Apr 16, 2018 7:30 PM
Film Info
Series:IWFF Selection
Run Time:114 min
Country:US, Canada
Sponsored By:Axmen
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Oliver Goetzl, Susan Fleming and Roderick Deogrades


White Wolves: Ghosts of the Arctic
54 minutes, Directed by Oliver Goetzl, Germany

WHITE WOLVES - GHOSTS OF THE ARCTIC is a fascinating look into the lives of these elusive animals, focusing on their astonishing cooperation, and the dedication needed to raise their pups in the harsh arctic environment of Ellesmere Island. The film was shown in slightly different form on PBS under the title "Arctic Wolf Pack."

Fox Tales
60 minutes, Directed by Susan Fleming and Roderick Deogrades, Canada
Sponsored by Towe & Fitzpatrick - John Fitzpatrick
On a high ridge in Newfoundland, Canada, nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the borders of an old grove forest, a red fox, the matron of her family group, gives birth yet again.  Follow the pups as they grow and learn to hunt, adapt, and survive.  Explore the family dynamic of these clever creatures as bonds are formed.  But the vixen knows that not all her cubs will inherit these tall trees, crystal lakes and the ocean spray.  Before the snows come again, she will have to banish some of her offspring for the good of the family.  We also hear from scientists in Madison, Wisconsin and Bristol, England, about their studies on urban red foxes who are facing a much different challenge than their Canadian counterparts.  And another scientist tracks how red foxes are moving out to the Arctic tundra and surviving in one of the harshest landscapes.