Song Dog + White Wolf


The Roxy Theater Screen 2 Mon, Apr 16, 2018 5:30 PM
Film Info
Series:IWFF: Bob Landis Retrospective
Run Time:80 min
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Bob Landis


Song Dog
28 minutes, Directed by Bob Landis, US
The American Plains Indian thought of the coyote as a trickster, an animal that had to live by its intelligence in order to survive.  This concept runs throughout SONG DOG.  SONG DOG features many unusual sequences including: coyotes fighting with a black bear, contesting a carcass with a bald eagle, and attempting to steal fish from otters.  The documentary is a window on what the American plains looked like in an earlier time, as it records what Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley looked like before the reintroduction of the wolf.  SONG DOG was runner-up in the short form category at the 1985 IWFF and a finalist at BBC’s Wildscreen.

White Wolf
52 minutes, Directed by Bob Landis, US

For ten years a wolf pack has struggled to survive in Yellowstone’s Hayden Valley. The alpha female is a rare color in Yellowstone. Ten years of filming these wild wolves have resulted in this intriguing program.