Audience Awards Ocean Film Challenge Winners


The Roxy Theater Screen 3 Wed, Apr 18, 2018 6:15 PM
Film Info
Series:8 Award-Winning Short Films
Run Time:48 min
Sponsored By:Audience Awards


Presenting the winners of the Audience Awards' Ocean Film Doc Challenge:

Blue Ventures
6 minutes, Directed by Gabriel Diamond, US
Ten years ago in a coastal village in Madagascar, an elegantly simple model was tested, and put Blue Ventures Conservation on the map. Residents were encouraged to take charge of their local fishery by leaving a small section of their octopus-fishing area alone for a designated period of time. When the area was reopened, the community saw huge increases in their catch and incomes.

7 minutes, Directed by Ziggy Livnat, US
The film delivers a sense of wonder about the diversity of marine life, moving the viewer to appreciate the complexity of the underwater world. Join underwater filmmaker Ziggy Livnat as he narrates this visual exploration of marine animals and human impact on the oceans and all its life. Original music by Amir Gwirtzman.

Defying Plastic
5 minutes, Directed by Talia Schizzano, US
It may feel impossible to get away from plastic these days. The solution to reversing plastic pollution is complex, but it can be simplified by taking a few easy steps in our everyday lives.

Filtering a Plastic Ocean
6 minutes, Directed by Rory Banyard, US
FILTERING A PLASTIC OCEAN highlights the dangers of microplastics - sea-borne plastic that has been broken down into tiny pieces - in our oceans, and profiles a pioneering low-cost solution to removing this toxic material from our beaches and seas. Photographed on the beautiful beaches of the Oregon coast, FILTERING A PLASTIC OCEAN showcases activist Marc Ward and the electrostatic filtration system he has invented. The film features an original music score by noted composer Mark Orton.

5 minutes, Directed by Petr Krejci, UK
A short film about crafting objects at sea, in the past with whale’s teeth and in the future with caught plastic melted with a machine which harnesses the sun. Studio Swine went on a journey of 1000 nautical miles collecting plastic on the way from Azores to the Canaries through the North Atlantic Gyre with the Solar Extruder, a machine they designed and built, which melts and reshapes sea plastic using a solar-powered 3D printer.

High Hopes: The Future of Dungeness Crab
6 minutes, Directed by Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele, US
Dungeness crab is one of the most valuable commodities on the West Coast. As ocean acidification changes the chemistry of our oceans, scientists and fishermen are just beginning to understand how it will impact this important species.

The Plastic Vagabond
7 minutes, Directed by Sharif Mirshak, Canada
Horsea plasticus is a toy seahorse is lost at sea. He takes us on a wild journey through the plastisphere, meeting fellow drifters and a team of scientists during an expedition. Discovering the massive extent of micro-plastic pollution in the world ocean, he continues his quest and encourages humans to take action!

Throw Away Culture
7 minutes, Directed by Nikki Dodd and Rory Moon, US
Plastic is all around us. From packaging for our food to synthetic fabric for our clothes, plastic has become an inescapable reality. A significant portion of this plastic winds up in the ocean, where it not only threatens marine life, but human health too. When did we become so addicted to plastic, and what can we do to break our addiction?