1945 Sunday Schmooze - Brunch, Film, and Discussion hosted by Fred Craden

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Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 1 Sun, Apr 15, 2018 10:00 AM


Brunch, Film, and Discussion hosted by Fred Craden


Sunday, April 15, Bagels at 10 am | Film at 11 am
Members $11 | Public $16
Commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day

On a sweltering August day in Hungary in 1945, villagers prepare for the wedding of the town clerk’s son. Meanwhile, two strangers arrive at the village train station with mysterious boxes labelled ‘fragrances’. The villagers are afraid that Jewish survivors will return, posing a threat to the properties and possessions they acquired during the war.

On a summer day in 1945, an Orthodox man and his grown son return to a village in Hungary to (symbolically) bury their dead. The townspeople – suspicious, remorseful, fearful, and cunning – expect the worst and behave accordingly. With admirable restraint, director Ferenc Török paints a complex picture of a society trying to come to terms with the recent horrors they’ve experienced, perpetrated, or just tolerated for personal gain. A superb ensemble cast, lustrous black and white cinematography, and historically detailed art direction contribute to an eloquent drama that reiterates Thomas Wolfe’s famed sentiment: you can’t go home again. (Hungary, 2017, 91 min., NR, Hungarian with English subtitles| Dir. Ferenc Török)