Ava | 103mins | Persian with English Subtitles


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Film Info
Release Year:2018
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Vahid Aghapoor
Parnian Akhtari
Sarah Alimoradi
Director:Sadaf Forough
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Teenage Ava is getting tired of the hypocrisy of the rules everyone expects her to follow and the expectations everyone has for her. Given that she lives in Iran, those rules and expectations are a bit different than your typical High School. Her mother wants her to give up the violin and stop hanging out with her friends Ava's school principal takes it for granted that all of the girls at school have had sex and punishes them accordingly. Ava's mother even takes her to the doctor to make sure Ava is still a virgin. Though Ava has her modern-minded father's support, he's rarely at home, and it's up to Ava's mother to both raise Ava and work full time (and then some) at her male-dominated doctor's job.
Ava's mom cracked under the weight of all the expectations people had for her years ago, but Ava isn't going down without a fight. It's time for some teenage rebellion.