The Wild Boys


O Cinema Wynwood Fri, Sep 14, 2018 11:30 PM
O Cinema Wynwood Sat, Sep 15, 2018 11:30 PM


THE WILD BOYS is a genre- and gender-bending surrealist work that zigzags through a perverse, hyper-stylized world of transgressions.


In this nightmarish adventure, five well-bred teenage boys, (all played by actresses) enamored by the arts, but drawn to crime commit a heinous act and are sent to sea with a barbaric Captain hell-bent on taming their ferocious appetites.


Landing on a magical island with bizarre animals and lascivious plants, the teens metamorphize. Outrageous vulgarity blends with refinement as machismo’s cruelty and the glory of sexual freedom are exposed in this phantasmagorical visual feast and erotic fantasia. In this startling debut feature by Bertrand Mandico’s, shot in gorgeous 16mm and brimming with eroticism, genderfluidity, and humor, THE WILD BOYS will take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.