Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution


O Cinema Wynwood Thu, Nov 8, 2018 6:45 PM


Climate Change Cinema explores pairings of current, classic, cult, and films with lively introductions and conversations by notable figures from the world of science and technology around the topics of climate change and sea level rise. As our community is situated between the Everglades and the Atlantic, we seek to illuminate and explore scientific issues related to our environment that have a tangible impact on our lives.

Joining Radical Partners, The CLEO Institute at Venture Cafe Miami's Thursday Gathering for presentation, workshop, and film screening of HAPPENING: A CLEAN ENERGY REVOLUTION.

Our climate is changing, and the impacts in South Florida are devastating. Rising seas, intensifying hurricanes, threatened water supply, flooding septic tanks (ewe!), and more are threatening our way of life and our ability to live safely and comfortably here in South Florida. And unfortunately, our most disadvantaged residents are the most vulnerable to these impacts.

This year, Radical Partners is partnering with 15 local organizations to launch a 100 Great Ideas campaign focused on Climate Resilience and Sustainability, where, starting on November 12th, all locals are invited to come together in a Facebook Group to discuss solutions to this pressing challenge. If we’re going to build a more resilient and sustainable South Florida, we need everyone to join together and suggest ideas for how to do that.

To help locals prepare to engage in the 100 Great Ideas campaign, The CLEO Institute will provide the community an opportunity to learn about climate change and its effects in a ‘Climate 101’ presentation and discussion. We will do a deep dive into what climate change is, the causes of it, its effects on the world, and South Florida specifically, and the ways we can begin to mitigate and adapt to these effects.


“Can we make enough renewable energy to supply the world and replace fossil fuels? How will we do that, and will we do that?” asks filmmaker James Redford.

Highlighting innovators and entrepreneurs in communities from Georgetown, Texas to Buffalo, New York, HAPPENING: A CLEAN ENERGY REVOLUTION follows Redford – grandson of a longtime Chevron worker and son of actor/environmental advocate Robert Redford – on an enlightening cross-country journey to discover the current state of clean energy and see what lies on the horizon. The film reveals pioneering renewable-energy solutions that are making the potential future brighter than ever before, while underscoring notions of human resilience and social justice. Additionally, Redford brings his own personal point of view to this complex, polarizing issue.

Providing real, comprehensible answers to complex energy questions facing America and the world, the documentary looks at politicians, executives and activists banding together to reduce the country’s reliance on fossil fuels. Highlighted by humor, compelling characters and insights into incredible technological innovations, this uplifting film spotlights a revolution that is democratic, resilient and sustainable, despite considerable headwinds and lack of action from the federal government.