The Main 2 Thu, Apr 18, 2019 7:05 PM
Marcus Rochester Cinema Sat, Apr 20, 2019 2:30 PM
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General Public:$15.00
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Film Info
Programs:New American Visions
Spotlight: Disruption
Science & Technology
Culture & Society
Health & Wellness
Release Year:2019
Runtime:91 min
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Submarine
Director:Bill Haney
Executive Producer:Tim Disney
R.J. Cutler
Maura McCarthy
Michael Eisenson
Reed Paul Jobs
Sean E. Reilly
Producer:Jennifer Pearce
Bill Haney
Cinematographer:Graham Talbot
Nelson Talbot
Screenwriter:Bill Haney
Editor:Peter Rhodes
Composer:Mark Orton
Mickey Raphael
Principal Cast:Woody Harrelson
Malinda Allison
Murphy Allison
Sharon Belvin
Eric Benson
Jeffrey Bluestone
Michael Curran
Rachel Humphrey
Tyler Jacks
G. Barrie Kitto
Alan Korman
Max Krummel
Lewis Lanier
Dan Littman
Nils Lonberg
Andrew Pollack
Matt Richtel
Pam Sharma
Elliott Sigal
Jedd Wolchok


A thoroughly engrossing portrait of the 2018 Nobel Prize-winning scientist Jim Allison–an unconventional, harmonica-playing Texas scientist–who against overwhelming odds pioneered the field of immunotherapy, leading to the development of revolutionary treatments for cancer patients. Nobel laureate Allison is renowned for his work on T-cell machinations and production, work that led him to become one of the first scientists to isolate the T-cell protein (known as TCR). His achievements in the field earned him the Breakthrough Prize of Life Sciences. However, this is not a by-the-book retelling of Allison's career feats, instead, the film is a portrait of a decidedly off-beat (and delightfully so) man committed to the endless possibilities of science, the wellbeing of humankind, and progress itself.

Director Biography

Bill Haney

Multi-talented filmmaker and inventor Bill Haney has received a number of accolades for his work in film and science, including The Silver Hugo and the Earthwatch Award. He was named Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum.