Shorts 6 - Plotting a Course

  • 605 Adults 304 Children 605 Adults 304 Children
  • Boy Boy Girl Girl Boy Boy Girl Girl
  • Please Remain Calm Please Remain Calm
  • RoganJosh RoganJosh
  • sometimes, i think about dying sometimes, i think about dying
  • Things to Do Before Leaving Things to Do Before Leaving


St. Anthony Main Theatre 5 Tue, Apr 16, 2019 7:20 PM
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Shorts 06 - Plotting a Course
Runtime:78 min


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Unfortunately, there is no road map for navigating the dramas of human relationships.

sometimes, i think about dying:

Fran is thinking about dying, but a man in the office might want to date her.

Director: Stefanie Abel Horowitz | Runtime: 12 min | Country: USA | 2018 | English

Boy Boy Girl Girl:

Based on a true story, Boy Boy Girl Girl is a dark comedy about a gay couple trying to adopt a newborn from a drug-addict and her abusive girlfriend.

Director: Ross Kauffman | Runtime: 11 min | Country: USA | 2018 | English


A veteran chef of Taj Hotel calls his family and friends home for dinner on his birthday night.

Director: Sanjeev Vig | Runtime: 17 min | Country: India | 2018 | Hindi, English

Things to Do Before Leaving:

Two adventurous young women want to hit the road on a transformative journey, but tying up loose ends and a secret promise derail their departure.

Director: James Byrne | Runtime: 14 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

Please Remain Calm:

How do you maintain a healthy relationship with a man who has been threatening to kill himself for years?

Directors: Seth Calvin, Isaac Calvin | Runtime: 10 min | Country: USA | 2018 | English

605 Adults 304 Children:

An immersive and intimate short documentary filmed entirely by The Peoples Temple in Jonestown.

Director: Michael Mahaffie | Runtime: 14 min | Country: USA, Guyana | 2019 | English

Included Shorts

sometimes, i think about dying (12min) More
Boy Boy Girl Girl (11min) More
RoganJosh (17min) More
Things to Do Before Leaving (14min) More
Please Remain Calm (10min) More
605 Adults 304 Children (14min) More