Ask for Jane

A Benefit for Blue Mountain Clinic


The Roxy Theater Screen 2 Tue, Jul 30, 2019 7:30 PM
Film Info
Series:A Benefit for Blue Mountain Clinic
Run Time:108 min
Release Year:2018
Proceeds to benefit:Blue Mountain Clinic
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Rachel Carey
Cast Members:Cait Cortelyou, Cody Horn, Sarah Ramos, Sarah Steele, Sophie von Haselberg


Chicago, 1969...

Imagine a world where abortion is punishable by prison, and getting birth control is nearly impossible. As a result, women die every day from taking matters into their own hands.

?When a pregnant student at the University of Chicago attempts to take her own life, Rose (Cait Cortelyou) and Janice (Cody Horn) find a doctor willing to perform the procedure in secret to save the woman's life.

?Sparked by this experience, Rose and Janice form the Jane Collective: a secret organization to help other women obtain safe and illegal abortions. Operating like a spy network, complete with blindfolds and code names, the Janes help thousands of women... but they can't hide from the police forever.

Proceeds from this screening will go to benefit the Blue Mountain Clinic. This is a special event--membership benefits do not apply.