SOLD OUT!!!! - The Cultural and Cinematic Legacy of The Godfather with Film Historian Irene P. Eckert & Filmmaker Greg Blank



Sky Room Cafe Tue, Aug 13 7:30 PM



Sky Room Talk  with Film Historian Irene P. Eckert & Filmmaker Greg Blank 


The Cultural and Cinematic Legacy of The Godfather

Tuesday, August 13 at 7:30 pm

$11 Members | $16 Public


The Sky Room Cafe will be closing at 5 PM the evening of this event.

The Godfather films continue to fascinate and entertain audiences.  They have become some of the most enduring in the industry and have played a major role in influencing audiences perceptions and misperceptions of criminal activities and family life.  In this program, film historian Irene Eckart and filmmaker Greg Blank will analyze clips from the films for their cultural and cinematic qualities, and show clips from the documentary The Godfather Legacy for insights into the development, production, and legacy of the films.  


The program, through discussion and scene-breakdowns, will touch on the themes of family, family values, the criminal empire of the Corleone family as a metaphor for American capitalism and values, and the immigrant experience.  It will also explore the folklore, legend, and background stories on the actual making of the film…Mario Puzo’s input, rallies by various Italian groups agains the making of the film, difficulties with the studio and for office, perception of the film content, and the casting of experienced actors versus Coppola’s choices of relative unknowns.  We will also explore the film’s legacy of phrases that endure in the contemporary popular lexicon (“I’m gonna make him and offer he can’t refuse”; “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”, etc.)


Film Historian Irene P. Eckert has been presenting films throughout Long Island for 12 years. She previously taught social studies and psychology at Northport High School for 35 years. An Italian immigrant herself, she not only examines Italian cinema but its cultural and historical significances.


Filmmaker Greg Blank has over 15 years experience as a film producer, director, and cinematographer and editor.  He has won awards as a video journalist for the show “Push Pause Long Island” on Verizon Fios1, and as a documentarian for his film “Undocumented”.