Now You’re Talking! presents “On Second Thought…”



Sky Room Cafe Sun, Sep 22 2:00 PM


Now You’re Talking! presents

“On Second Thought…”

Sunday, September 22nd at 2 p.m.

$20 Members / Public $25

The Sky Room Cafe will be closed ALL DAY the day of this event.

The show is hosted by Tracey Segarra, an award-winning, Long Island-based storyteller whose true stories have appeared on The Moth Radio Hour on NPR, and the Risk! and Story Collider podcasts.   

Featuring stories from Heather Forest, Edith Gonzalez, Jean LeBec, Kathryn Maher, Ted Olds, and Adam Selbst.

A school science project points a young girl in an unexpected direction, a decades-long marriage is suddenly called into question, the desperate need to fit in jeopardizes an important friendship, and a freak weather event turns a young man’s life upside down. We don’t always get second chances, but we’ve all had second thoughts about the dramatic moments that changed our lives. Come hear six storytellers share hilarious, heartfelt true stories about those times in their lives when they stopped and said to themselves, “On second thought…”