REDISCOVERING ROSCOE: FILMS OF ROSCOE "FATTY" ARBUCKLE - Anything But Silent with live organ accompaniment by BEN MODEL

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Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 2 Wed, Sep 18, 2019 7:30 PM


Anything But Silent with live organ accompaniment by BEN MODEL

Wednesday, September 18th at 7:30
$11 Members | $16 Public
Come enjoy a hilarious selection of rarely seen silent shorts from the Library of Congress featuring one of the greatest comedians of the silent era –  Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle!
For many years, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle was loved all over the world and was second only to Charlie Chaplin as the comedy box office king. Our program presents a selection of his best Mack Sennett Keystone comedies from 1914 to 1916 that made him an international favorite. Today it's very hard to separate the Arbuckle legend from his work as a performer and comedy creator, so this is a rare opportunity to take a look at the man who taught filmmaking to Buster Keaton. This program is selected and hosted by Steve Massa, author of REDISCOVERING ROSCOE: THE FILMS OF "FATTY" ARBUCKLE (available soon from BearManor Media).


TWIXT LOVE AND FIRE (1914) - Lost for many years, this short was recently found and identified in Europe by Library of Congress Curator of Film Rob Stone.

MABEL AND FATTY'S MARRIED LIFE (1915) - Not only do Mabel and Fatty have domestic troubles, but also issues with an aggressive organ grinder, his monkey, and the Keystone Cops.

FATTY'S RECKLESS FLING (1915) - Fatty's wife thinks she's keeping her hubby from playing cards by locking him in their room, but he still manages to deal a hand to not only lose his shirt but literally his pants.

FATTY'S TINTYPE TANGLE (1915) - Fatty's mother-in-law gives him a lot of trouble, especially when an innocent photo by a park photographer puts him in a compromising situation.

HIS WIFE'S MISTAKE (1916) - Fatty's the jack-of-all-trades janitor of a shopping arcade in this slapstick masterpiece shot back East in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Ben Model is one of America’s leading silent film accompanists, and has been playing piano and organ for silent films at the New York MoMA since 1984, and the CAC since 2006. 

Special thanks to Lynanne Schweighofer & Rob Stone at the Library of Congress.

Roscoe Arbuckle & Luke