Ay Mariposa


Film Info
Director:Krista Schlyer
Producer:Jenny Nichols
Krista Schlyer
Year of Production:2019
Film Type:Feature
Premiere Status:San Francisco Premiere
Topic:Activism/People Power
Eco Heroes
Land Rights
Migration/Border Wall
Wildlife Protection
Women's Leadership
Running Time:57 min.


Expected Guest: Director Krista Schlyer; emcee Jonathan Hahn, Managing Editor, SIERRA Magazine.


Journey along this emotional odyssey in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas with advocates who show their fierce commitment to home, justice, wild beauty, monarch butterflies, and the future of the US-Mexico borderlands.


Ay Mariposa tells a story of two women and a rare community of butterflies whose lives are upended by the border conflict. Marianna Trevino Wright, director of the National Butterfly Center and leader of wall resistance, struggles through an emotional odyssey of violent threats and border policy. Zulema Hernandez, a life-long migrant worker, immigrant and great grandmother, has been a dedicated advocate for all migrants, both wild and human-kind. Meanwhile the butterfly, la mariposa, fights its own daily battle for survival in a landscape where more than 95 percent of its habitat is long gone and much of what remains lies directly in the path of the wall.




"An important film and call to action" ~ Julia Butterfly Hill


Community Ally:

Green Art Workshop


Krista SchlyerFor more than a decade, Krista Schlyer’s work has focused heavily on documenting the US-Mexico borderlands and the changes brought about by US border and immigration policy. Her book about the borderlands titled Continental Divide: Wildlife, People and the Border Wall, received national recognition with the National Outdoor Book Award.

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