Have You Seen My Movie?



St. Anthony Main Theatre 3 Wed, Sep 18, 2019 7:00 PM
Ticket Prices
General Public:$9.50
Student w/ID (Box Office Only):$6.00
Film Info
Program:Special Screenings
Release Year:2016
Runtime:129 min
Festivals & Awards:United Kingdom
Director:Paul Anton Smith
Producer:Paul Anton Smith
Editor:Paul Anton Smith


An Art House Theater Day Special Screening!

A veritable feast for all cinema-lovers, Paul Anton Smith's Have You Seen My Movie? is an enthralling montage extracted from more than one thousand films featuring scenes that occur inside of a cinema. Every genre is represented and every scene reimagined as lovers meet, criminals hide in the dark and rapt audiences watch on. We witness how the industry works, from red carpet premieres to studio executives screening daily rushes, while stars appear in iconic scenes.

Selected from titles too numerous to mention, there are favorites from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Italian Neorealism, British cinema classics and much more, all seamlessly brought together to resonate with our own emotional memories of the cinema

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