St. Anthony Main Theatre 3 Fri, Sep 27, 2019 11:00 AM
St. Anthony Main Theatre 3 Sun, Sep 29, 2019 5:45 PM
Ticket Prices
General Public:$12.00
Student (Box Office Only):$10.00
Senior (Box Office Only):$10.00
Film Info
Program:Twin Cities Arab Film Festival
Comedy Drama
Romantic Comedy
Release Year:2018
Runtime:78 min
South Africa
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Big World Cinema
Director:hajooj kuka


Friday, September 27 screening will be FREE for students, and will screen with short film View From Above.

Followed by a post-show discussion on Sunday, September 29.

Adnan is a Sudanese revolutionary who is considered a war hero. His love for his AK-47 rifle is equalled only by his feelings for Lina, his long-suffering sweetheart. When Adnan is late to return to his military unit after his leave, army commander Blues launches “a kasha”: the rounding up and arresting of truant soldiers. Adnan is caught off-guard and makes a run for it with pacifist Absi. The two unlikely friends plot ways to reunite Adnan with his—and with Lina—while avoiding their fellow soldiers. Through a series of wry and humorous incidents over twenty-four hours, the films explores life and ideology in rebel-held areas of Sudan.

hajooj kuka is a filmmaker from Sudan. hajooj’s 2014 feature documentary, Beats of the Antonov, premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and won the People’s Choice Documentary award. The film has been broadcast on PBS’s POV and has screened at over 60 festivals, including Mizna’s 2015 Twin Cities Arab Film Festival, and won 7 international awards. hajooj also trains and works with young filmmakers across Sudan.

View from Above
Directed by Hiwa K | 13 mins | 2017 | Iraqi Kurdistan | English

In 1991, a division was created between Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) and the rest of Iraq. The UN considers Kurdistan a safe zone. To qualify as a refugee, one must prove that they are leaving an unsafe zone. The film follows “M” as he navigates the Kafka-esque international asylum processes that has the power to determine his fate.

Festivals and Awards:
International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2018
Images Festival, Canada, 2018
documenta 14 Art Exhibition, Germany, 2017

Twin Cities Arab Film Festival

Mizna and MSP Film Society present the 14th Twin Cities Arab Film Festival, screening more than thirty contemporary films from Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Syria, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as those from local Arab filmmakers.

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