Little Shop of Horrors

Sunday Singalong


The Roxy Theater Screen 2 Sun, Dec 1, 2019 2:30 PM
Film Info
Series:Sing-a-long Sundays
Run Time:94 min
Release Year:1986
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Frank Oz
Cast Members:Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Steve Martin, Tichina Arnold
Writers:Howard Ashman


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Meek flower shop assistant Seymour (Rick Moranis) pines for co-worker Audrey (Ellen Greene). During a total eclipse, he discovers an unusual plant he names Audrey II, which feeds only on human flesh and blood. The growing plant attracts a great deal of business for the previously struggling store. A
fter Seymour feeds Audrey's boyfriend, Orin (Steve Martin), to the plant after Orin's accidental death, he must come up with more bodies for the increasingly bloodthirsty plant.