MTV: Music & Dance Shorts



The Roxy Theater Screen 2 Fri, Dec 6, 2019 5:15 PM
Film Info
Series:AudFest Selection
Run Time:60 min


Audience Awards Film Festival, AudFest, screens the top award-winning short films from the past year over three fun-filled days in Missoula, Montana. The festival features screenings, roundtables, parties, VIP honorees and delivers a Missoula experience to our global filmmakers.

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MTV: Music & Dance Shorts

MTV lovers unite. This block is filled with music and dance videos of every genre.

Sandwich De Lune - Larissa Pruett (5:00)

Vulnerable Rise Rally Mikey Pauker - Gabriel Diamond & Candice Holdorf (6:12)

The Best - Stimulus X Stinhow - Katrin Krautgasser (1:40)

Suckr for Love - Nathalie Kraemer (4:18)

New Leaf - Julie Armine (5:13)

Land of the Fairies - Amiel Kestenbaum (4:58)

Twitch and Teasing - Rachael Garcia (4:10)

Includes Q&A