Impact: Social and Political Shorts



The Roxy Theater Screen 2 Sun, Dec 8, 2019 12:30 PM
Film Info
Series:AudFest Selection
Run Time:105 min


Audience Awards Film Festival, AudFest, screens the top award-winning short films from the past year over three fun-filled days in Missoula, Montana. The festival features screenings, roundtables, parties, VIP honorees and delivers a Missoula experience to our global filmmakers.

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Impact: Social and Political Shorts

Social and Political shorts to raise awareness and urge us to do better.

Sleep Well, My Baby - Aaron Tao (7:23)

Pardon Our Pixie Dust - Matthew Serrano (12:01)

Dissolution - Arly Jover (6:29)

On Time - Xavier Burgin (8:17)

Flimsy - Julieta Romano Ortiz (5:04)

Outside in Hanoi - Lucie Marcoux and Bastien Guilloteau (18:36)

The Outside is Better - Afuera es Mejor - Laura Mojica Moreno (10:01)

Includes Q & A