MBC Interactive Archive Project: La Pointe Courte


O Cinema South Beach Thu, Dec 12, 2019 7:00 PM


MBC Interactive Archive Project – 1960s: “On The Verge of The Nouvelle Vague”
Miami Beach Film Society presents LA POINTE COURTE (preceded by François Truffaut’s LES MISTONS)


LA POINTE COURTE French photo, 1956, from the #MBCarchive


LA POINTE COURTE is the feature film overlooking a future movement of the Nouvelle Vague, with the themes, tone and modernist concept that continued throughout its run for another decade.


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LES MISTONS French photo, 1957, from the #MBCarchive


Bernadette Jouve (Bernadette Lafont, in her debut, later a big star starting with Claude Chabrol’s Les beau Serge and Les bonnes femmes) is the most beautiful girl in town. In fact every young boy in town has been inspired by her seductive beauty. But since they are too young to love her, they decide the next best thing is to torture her with their childish games.