ONLINE EVENT - Virtual Movie Trivia Night! - Hosted by Dan French

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Virtual Screening Room Mon, May 18 8:00 PM
Virtual Screening Room Mon, Jun 1 8:00 PM


Virtual Movie Trivia Night! - Hosted by Dan French

Monday, June 1st at 8:00 PM - Registration required through "Buy Tickets" link above with valid email address

Public Team $10 | Member Team $7

Tickets are limit one (1) per order as registration for virtual trivia is per team, not per player.


Welcome to Virtual Movie Trivia!

How do I play?
It's simple! When you purchase your ticket, you will provide a valid email address for admission. This email address will receive a Zoom meeting code and password in the order confirmation.
What do I need to play?
You will need two electronic devices - preferably a computer/laptop/iPad and a smartphone. We will use the computer to stream the trivia over Zoom and we will use the smart phone to answer the questions with the program Aha Slides. This will be explained in more details when we get going, but for now, please know that you will need two devices to play.
Who can I play with?
Your ticket of  $10 (or $7 for CAC members!) gets your team access to Trivia. Your team will consist of whomever you are physically with right now. We will not be able to combine efforts with people you are not physically with. If you would want to play against the people you are with, that's allowed as well.
What do I get if I win?
Well, we're all winners when we play trivia and now you get to support the Cinema Arts Centre that you know and love. But in a more real way, the winning team will get up to four (4) CAC Gift Cards (1 per team member) and bragging rights.
Is this anything like the monthly trivia?
Yes and no. Yes in that it is trivia hosted by me. No in that it will be structured differently and will not have any other links to the monthly trivia (no sneak peeks, tournament of champions, etc.).
Any questions please email:

Thank you for your support of the Cinema Arts Centre at this time. If you need assistance with any step of your ticket purchase, please reach out to and a customer service representative will be in touch within 24 hours.