Shorts Block II


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Series:Montana Film Festival
Run Time:89 min


Welcome to the 6th Annual Montana Film Festival. Watch anytime, anywhere October 8-11, 2020. 

Montana Film Festival is a respite from the market and industry of film festivals. We celebrate and highlight emergent talents and new points of view, importing perspective and representation, with special celebration of Montana's growing film community.

Founded within the heart of a non-profit cinema, our highest aim is to enrich our audiences through the art and craft of narrative independent film.

Montana Film Festival is based in beautiful Missoula, Montana at the convergence of five mountain ranges, and this year is brought to you virtually.

Shorts Block II

Jack and Jo Don't Want to Die
Kantu Lentz, Director
Roja Gashtili, Erica Fishman, Kate Bolger, Producers
Jack, a man disillusioned with life, works the night shift at a freezing facility where people choose to halt their lives. His life takes a turn on the night he chooses to freeze his own life when he meets Jo, a terminally ill girl being unfrozen early due to lack of funds.
2020 Tribeca Film Festival Official Selection
Montana Premiere

Coffee Shop Names
Deepak Sethi, Director
Valerie Steinberg, Producer
Three Indian people imagine their personas as their "coffee shop names," the names they give baristas because their real names are hard to pronounce. Featuring Danny Pudi (Community), Karan Soni (Deadpool), Kausar Mohammed (What Men Want), and Anders Holm (Workaholics).
Northwest Premiere

Zero Point
Ryan Graham-Laughlin, Director
Connor Bryan, Ryan Graham-Laughlin, Producers
A veteran, struggling to manage her PTSD, decides to explore meditation and psilocybin as alternative therapies and finds herself in the face of danger after foreseeing her sister in trouble.
Made in Montana

Vicky & Xingyu
Eli Ayres, Shelby Chan, Yuyuan Chen, Georgina Chiou, Lexie Chu, Thomas Edgar-McNerney, Vicky Xingyu Gu, Lucy Hirschfeld, Tia Kemp, Mariam Khayat, Ruike Pan, Julianna Pantoja, Nia Sallie, Jose Guadalupe Sanchez III, and Sonya Yang, Directors
Vicky (Xingyu) Gu explains the complexities of being immersed in a new culture and learning to communicate in another language.
Northwest Premiere

There Will Be No Blood
Paulo Menezes, Director
Paulo Menezes, Elisabeth Bornicke, Producers
Tom needs help. His friend tries to help. Tom is scared of blood. Things don't go as planned.
US Premiere

Jose Acevedo, Director
Lexi Tannenholtz, Producer
Edgar is a high school senior in Brooklyn. On the same day he finds out that all his hard work in school has paid off, he'll make a decision that alters the course of his life forever.
Montana Premiere

Cold Pizza
Clayton McDougall, Director
Julia Siar, Clayton McDougall, Producers
A pizza delivery goes awry.
World Premiere
Made in Montana

Union Country
Adam Meeks, Director
Casey Bader, Nicole Quintero Ochoa, Eli Raskin, Daniel Stenzel, Producers
A young man in rural Ohio navigates a drug court recovery program and the return of his ex-girlfriend.
2020 Berlinale
Northwest Premiere

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