Shorts Block III


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Series:Montana Film Festival
Rating:88 min


Welcome to the 6th Annual Montana Film Festival. Watch anytime, anywhere October 8-11, 2020. 

Montana Film Festival is a respite from the market and industry of film festivals. We celebrate and highlight emergent talents and new points of view, importing perspective and representation, with special celebration of Montana's growing film community.

Founded within the heart of a non-profit cinema, our highest aim is to enrich our audiences through the art and craft of narrative independent film.

Montana Film Festival is based in beautiful Missoula, Montana at the convergence of five mountain ranges, and this year is brought to you virtually.

Shorts Block III

Maya Albanese, Director
Valerie Steinberg, Brock Williams, Producers
When Joy's fairytale romance crashes and burns, the TICK-TOCK of her biological clock pushes her to try new things. Featuring Nora Zehetner, Adrian Grenier, Chris Parnell, Jazzmun Crayton, Mindy Sterling, Rick Overton, and Kel Mitchell.
2020 Cannes Diversity Short Film Showcase
Montana Premiere

Agazi Desta, Director
Miles Alva, Isabel Iñigo, Producers
Produced by DestaNation Productions and Fifteen60 Pictures
A black, deaf teen wants "waves" for prom night, but his haircut falls into the hands of an inattentive, rookie barber.
World Premiere

The Birth of Valerie Venus
Sarah Clift, Director
A selfless vicar’s wife is possessed by a strange force, unlocking a mischievous (and pleasurable) side she never knew she had.
Montana Premiere

Rubber and Glue
Cat Dale, Director
Bridgett Zahniser, Cat Dale, Producers
When Faye develops an autoimmune disease triggered by the emotions of others, she must undergo treatment to rid herself of the thing that makes us most human: empathy. Featuring Baylee England and Amber Rose Mason. 
Made in Montana
World Premiere

Curry Sicong Tian, Director
Alexa Velasquez, Sekinat Yusuf, Producers
An elderly Buddhist woman recalls a ritual from her past, undertaking a journey of duality expressed through her many identities.
Montana Premiere

The Cypher
Letia Solomon, Director
Anne Brashier, C. Craig Patterson, Producers
A young black freestyle rapper in Philadelphia must confront his sexuality when he finally gets the chance to perform on the big stage.
2020 Tribeca Film Festival Official Selection
Montana Premiere

Yá’át’ééh Abiní
Morningstar Angeline, Director
Jennifer Phang, Blackhorse Lowe, Jhane Myers, Morningstar Angeline, Producers
A Navajo woman struggles w the legacy left to her after her father passes away from an unknown virus in a post-apocalyptic world. 
2019 Sundance Indigenous Lab
Northwest Premiere

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